Russia in focus

ClampK organised a media tour of Russian properties last Thursday, 18th March, 2018.

We were very happy to have Chris Bryant MP, Tom Tugendhat MP and Helen Goodman MP with us for both their support and their open-minded commitment to hearing about the full scope of the problem.

We had a full spectrum of media formats (TV, radio, photojournalists, print and online) from the whole of the northern hemisphere, apart from the sad but predictable absence of any Russian media.

So far we have had media coverage from

We are not planning any public tours currently as we are not funded or insured for the insurance and administrative complications that are entailed.

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5 Responses to Russia in focus

  1. Sigi says:

    have I seen right that at the time no tours are available cause of assecurance etc. Problems?
    I will go to London from tomorrow May 27 th to May 30th, if there are tours, despite, please tell me or if there are tours later on.
    thank you from Hamburg, Germany,

    • W3bmast3r says:

      Hello Sigi. We currently have no tours scheduled. There are no problems, just no current reasons for having one. Please keep an eye on / Google alert on for announcements on the website.

  2. Patricia says:

    Hello, Heard Mr. Bullough on on Fresh Air with Terry Gross, and we would love to go on one of his tours! Could you please let me know when/if more will be scheduled this year? We really would love to learn more. Thank you.

    • W3bmast3r says:

      Hello Patricia. Thank for your interest and request. We are not planning any public tours this summer. If this changes we will write to you to let you know.
      Arthur Doohan, ClampK co-founder

      • Patricia says:

        Okay, thank you so much for your response. We would appreciate any updates because we’re planning on a trip in late September through early October.

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