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Hello Everyone!

Thanks to your support we have contributed to changing the law!

As a result of this, the first case is going through the courts right now …and many more are in preparation by the NCA and CPS.

We are focussing our efforts on getting Parliament and the Civil Service to implementing thoroughly their promised reforms to the offshore registries in the various Crown dependencies that are being used to shield these stolen assets.

To this end we are not scheduling any public tours for the foreseeable future. If this changes we will post details here (and email those of you who have asked for a tour).

Our thanks, once again, for your support.

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Russia in focus

ClampK organised a media tour of Russian properties last Thursday, 18th March, 2018.

We were very happy to have Chris Bryant MP, Tom Tugendhat MP and Helen Goodman MP with us for both their support and their open-minded commitment to hearing about the full scope of the problem.

We had a full spectrum of media formats (TV, radio, photojournalists, print and online) from the whole of the northern hemisphere, apart from the sad but predictable absence of any Russian media.

So far we have had media coverage from

We are not planning any public tours currently as we are not funded or insured for the insurance and administrative complications that are entailed.

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Special Kleptocracy Tour

In Expectation of the Royal Assent

of the Criminal Finances Bill


Committee for Legislation Against Moneylaundering in Properties by Kleptocrats

cordially invites

selected media representatives

to a special Kleptocracy Tour with added

Unexplained Wealth Orders

on the afternoon of April 27th in central London.

The Criminal Finances Bill is a significant milestone in the history of UK law making and represents a new chapter in the global fight against corruption and kleptocracy. The Bill opens the way forBritish law enforcement agencies to seize the UK assets of dictators and rights abusers, irrespective of where in the world offences are committed.

The essential component of the Bill is the Human Rights Abusers Assets Freeze Amendment – otherwise known as the ‘Magnitsky Amendment’. We are honoured to be joined by the authors of the amendment – Rt Hon Dame Margaret Hodge and leader of the global Magnitsky Justice Campaign Bill Browder – who will talk about the amendment, its role in prosecuting kleptocrats, and how it will apply to existing cases.

On this special Kleptocracy Tour, your guides will be:
Oliver Bullough       journalist and author of The Last Man in Russia;
Dr Andrew Foxall    Russia Studies Centre at The Henry Jackson Society;
Luke Harding          journalist and author of A Very Expensive Poison;
Dr Ala’a Shehabi     economist and writer, co-founder of Bahrein Watch;
Matthew Page         U.S. intelligence community’s top expert on Nigeria;
Roman Borisovich   ClampK founder, From Russia With Cash documentary

The guest speaker will be Professor Steve Keen of Kingston University. In addition, representatives of Transparency International, Global Witness, and ClampK, leaders of the campaign for transparency of global offshore tax havens, will attend.

The Tour around central London will be conducted from the comfort of a luxury coach.

The tour runs from 15.00 till until approximately 17.00.
Details of departure point will be supplied to those
RSVP’ing to ClampK at ‘

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Kleptocracy Tour of Ox’bridge…


The Committee for Legislation Against Moneylaundering in Properties by Kleptocrats,


 the Kleptocracy Initiative of the Hudson Institute

cordially invite you to the inaugural

Kleptocracy Tour of Oxbridge

to be held in Oxford on Friday 10th June.  

The issue of reputation laundering through grants to higher education is at the forefront of academic discussion.  The organizers of the Kleptocracy Tours have made it their mission to inform the public about this issue, as part of an investigation into the damage illicit cash is doing to the fabric of our society.  We examine how this money is affecting Oxford and Cambridge Universities in the new Kleptocracy Tour of Higher Education.

The Kleptocracy Tours of London gained sparked media attention in high-end property ownership by global kleptocrats; now we turn our Kleptoscope on the universities, on their due diligence bodies, the committees supposed to review their donations.  Please join us on a guided tour which we believe you will find an extremely thought-provoking experience.

The Tour exposes who exactly gives large grants to Oxford and Cambridge. Several associates of Vladimir Putin have used their ties with Britain’s top universities to launder their reputations, to deflect attention from their oligarchic track records and to obscure the sources of their wealth. We will also unmask the western enablers who have helped bring this highly controversial money into the UK. This is an issue that will remain at the centre of UK policymaking for the foreseeable future.

The Tour features prominent scholars and anti-corruption experts – journalists, writers, and investigators – as your guides, who will tell stories of ill-gotten wealth and answer your questions about the origins of grants the universities have accepted.

Ilya Zaslavskiy       Expert at Free Russia Foundation & researcher at US & UK think-tanks;

Oliver Bullough        journalist and author of The Last Man in Russia;

Dr Andrew Foxall      Director of the Russia Studies Centre at The Henry Jackson Society;

Martin Dewhirst       Lecturer in Russian language & literature, University of Glasgow;

Daniel Voskoboynik   Former Investment Officer, Cambridge University Students’ Union;

Peter Pomeranzev    journalist and author of Nothing is True and Everything is Possible;

Roman Borisovich   anticorruption activist & star of From Russia With Cash documentary;

Mark Hollingsworth   journalist and author of Londongrad;

Nick Kochan      journalist and author of Corruption: The New Corporate Challenge;

There will also be contributions from representatives of Transparency InternationalGlobal Witness, and ClampK, leaders of the campaign for transparency of global offshore tax havens.

Please, be aware that this will a walking tour of Oxford and a sitting tour of Cambridge and will not, unlike the London tours, be on a coach. The walking part will consist of a  45min/1hour guided walk around Oxford and then we will sitting down in a private venue for a verbal tour of similar locations in Cambridge and for an open and general discussion of the ramifications and implications of these phenomena.

If you would like tickets for this event, please, email us at

stating your name, your interest in this topic and whether you will be in a position to make a contribution towards the costs of the tour. Our bus takes approx 45 people so places are limited. If demand is sufficient we will investigate the opportunity for doing further tours soon.


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That’s all, Folks…

….for now!

Thanks to everyone for the participation, the coverage, the tweets, the support and the encouragement.

We all have a great result in the announcement from the Cabinet Office about the planned changes to English&Welsh law and administration.

We note, of course, that these are announcements of ‘plans’. Much depends on the details and the actual implementation.

We have no current plans for more tours. We know there is some interest but we cannot currently see a way forward that avoids outright commercial ventures.

We will keep this website alive for now. The main activity will be taking place over on ‘’. Any changes re tours will be announced there as well as here.

Once again, thank you for your support.

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Kleptocracy Tours in May!

Greetings Everyone!

The Prime Minister is going to host a ‘Global AntiCorruption Summit’ on May, 11 and 12.

To celebrate this and to give it as much help as we can, ClampK are very happy to announce 4 days of ‘Kleptocracy Tours’, from May 9th to 12th, with a tour every morning and afternoon if required.

If you would like to participate in a tour, please, email us at

guide at kleptocracytours dot org

telling us

  • a) who you are,
  • b) why you want to come
  • c) whether we can ask you for a contribution to cover the costs of a tour.

We have a healthy list of  tourists already, from all parts of London and the world. We will have some interesting and illuminating times together.

We will be in touch with you soon!

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